Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Smiley and Busty's train encounter

I was in the corner observing, which is my favourite place to be when I am not in the thick of the action. The setting was the overland train. The two subjects were a small and smiley Indian man and a Busty Black woman. They both stood at the door waiting for their freedom. The smiley one said to the busty one, "How are you today?" The busty one looked alarmed, visibly prayed that the doors would open, and said with a forced politeness, "Fine, thank you". She then proceeded to put on the sour 'London face' and look anywhere but at him. Ouch! If that man ever gets up enough courage to say hello to another human being, let alone a woman, I will be very proud of him.

For the rest of my journey, I pondered what would have made Busty respond in such an unnecessarily, unfriendly manner. I came up with three hypotheses.

1) Busty's dog had been run over by a car earlier that day and she was still in a state of shock and grief.

2) Busty assumed that because a strange man had said hello to her, that he obviously wanted something that she was not willing to give...

3) Busty is not comfortable gracefully exiting conversations. I refer back to an earlier post and again, stress that those people who are most comfortable getting out of conversations, are more likely to get into them in the first place. Busty must not have felt adept at exchanging one minute pleasantries with smiley Indian men and then leaving.

Or, it could be a completely different reason. But, at the end of the day, I always go back to humanity. Why can't we all just be nice to each other? (This is assuming the other person isn't a complete eejit!) I am sure the flirting revolution will catch on when everyone realizes how much more enjoyable life is when we are sweet instead of sour.


Mr F. said...

Probably the busty woman was not used to receive attention on the train, let alone the train doors ( if you stand there it means you really gotta dash). Busty puts on her London face; in my opinion it was a combination of factors.
a) Busty was clearly not interested in anyone .
b) Busty was not prepared to flirt an asian guy .
c) Busty being busty is sick and tired of man approaching her and staring only at her tits , firing off a very generalistic hi how'you doin' without really lifting their eye sight above the chest line...
d) asian guy is a bit "inexperienced" he may need some flirting lessons....

Any thoughts? Comments?

Mr F.

Mizz allure said...

Mr. F, you definitely have some valid points. But, Busty didn't have to 'flirt' with the Asian man if she didn't want to. She could have simply been nice.

Trust me, I am the first one to protect my space and rights with assertiveness when I need to, but otherwise, it's nice to be nice.

I should have given the smiley Indian my card and offered to help.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Smiley and Busty are ex-spouses, and Smiley was trying to reunite, but Busty wasn't ready to, because Smiley was the one who cheated on her in the first place! You go, girl!

Stupid cheating men.

Mizz allure said...

Hmmm, I have a feeling that anonymous has recently had a bad experience concerning a cheating man? (They don't call me the 'expert' for nothing, you see)

Look, there are 'stupid cheating men' out there, just as there are 'stupid cheating women' (although not many of the latter :-) The point is that there are also many, many *fabulous* men and women out there as well.

It's easy to let one or two bad experiences colour our entire perception of 'reality', but to quote my Uncle, whom I consider the greatest flirt in the world (yes, Mr. F, even better than you) "The more shots you take, the higher your percentage of scoring."

So, anonymous, get out there and find the fabulous ones! After you have had an adequate amount of gin first, of course.